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The digital-first solution for engaging with today's digital-native students.

The EduX platform helps you grow your education business with a scalable, secure, and customisable platform.

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Launchpad by EduX

Launchpad is the result of hundreds of hours of consultation and focus groups with students, counsellors, admissions teams, and business leaders in the sector.

Designed for your customers, each feature within the app has been carefully crafted and evaluated to respond to specific challenges faced. The result is a personalised and convenient user journey for students.

Galaxy CRM

The Galaxy CRM integrates seamlessly with the Launchpad app so this is your counsellors’ view of the data and allows your team to interact with their customers.

A suite of digital tools and automation help with lead qualification, lead scoring and tracking individual customers through their journey. Counsellors spend their time offering exceptional service to more students, instead of box-ticking and form-filling.

Transform your student-counsellor relationships

Benefits to students:

  • One profile, one document repository, secure and encrypted personal data

  • Course catalogue search results match students' interests and abilities

  • Automated reminders for key dates and deadlines

  • Notifications when the application and offer statuses change

Benefits to counsellors:

  • Engage, advise, and support students with convenient tools

  • Collaborate on students' shortlists

  • Easily manage counselling appointments and free slots

  • Automatic application completeness check-lists with customisable rules to suit each institution

About Us

We believe that the inter-personal relationships that develop between students and counsellors are the critical element for business success and sustainability in this sector. These relationships foster trust and drive referrals. Our primary goal is to amplify these benefits for you and your business.

We founded EduX because of our market insight: our whole sector must adapt to meet the expectations of Gen Z digital-natives through exceptional customer experience through their smartphones. We've used our knowledge and experience to create Launchpad by EduX, the student-facing app built on cloud native services that agencies, just like yours, can offer to your students. Galaxy CRM then provides your team to better serve those customers.

Our team of co-founders has a combined 55 years' experience as technology professionals in the agencies and international higher education sector. We have a proven track record of delivering digital transformation with scalability and longevity, meeting all performance and compliance targets. We have the expertise in both technology and the industry to help you take the next step.

Benefits of partnering with EduX

We meet customers where they hang out

Our digital first approach allows customers to work with your agency both online via their phone and also in the traditional ways. There are many advantages for them in having control of their study abroad journey on their phone and this technology gives your team advantages in communicating and tracking.

We put counsellors front and centre.

The combined years of knowledge and experience in your counselling teams is a critical resource in our industry. We enhance counsellors' roles, using streamlined back-end services to support them. Counsellor success drives satisfaction for all our stakeholders: students and their parents, universities, and our business partners.

Our course catalogue and other content is powered by intelligent search technology.

Our platform outperforms generalist search engines – even Google – according to our student testimonials. That's because our catalogue is niche, and actively maintained. Search results are personalised, targeted and relevant.

You are in control

Our platform is designed from the ground up to be scalable, secure and reliable. The platform is configurable so during onboarding you have some control over the processes and set-up, or you can choose to integrate with your existing systems.

We offer the smoothest path to growth.

Our business model is not SaaS with monthly seat fees, hidden restrictions and extra charges. We look for trusted partners that we have deep, long term relationships with and with whom we can grow and share the benefits of that growth.

Ready to join us?

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Collaborate together

We share resources, best practices, industry analysis, and our course catalogue.

Our initial onboarding will support you in streamlining and digitally transforming key business processes.

You provide dedicated points of contact for technology and business functions to work with our team of project managers, integration architects and developers.

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Plan for success

Counsellors are key to student success. Our alliance partners are carefully selected for their expertise and experience.

Our onboarding process will include detailed consultations with your team to ensure we address their key challenges.

We will assist your business process specialists in translating their requirements into new and digitally transformed services.

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Integrate and automate

We have developed a light-touch approach to integration using change data capture and event streaming.

We can help to automate existing processes without forcing you to migrate to completely new systems.

Our team of developers will work with your technology team to connect with APIs and embed new functionality into your existing web-enabled systems.

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